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Social Responsibility

Donations and Assistance to the Construction of a Library in Wenchuan     On May 12, 2008, the 8.0-magnitude mega earthquake took its toll in Wenchuan of Sichuan. The sudden outbreak of the disaster turned 14,000 schools, including Shuangbanxiang primary school (双板乡小学校), to rubble in no time. Such ruthless natural calamity ravaged the pleasant home of millions of our compatriots, with children’s happiness tarnished in rubbles. No matter how merciless a natural disaster can be, however, love bonds people together. Subscribing to the concept of philanthropy-‘‘all-community support for the unfortunates’’, all staff of the Company raised funds of RMB430,510 within the shortest length of time. As introduced by Mianyang Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (绵阳港华) and Mianyang Youth Concern Committee (绵阳市关工委), the charitable funds-as a token of love and care of our staff-were donated to Shuangbanxiang primary school in Zitong County of Sichuan province for construction of a school library. On April 17, 2009, the library of Shuangbanxiang primary school in Zitong County, Mianyang City of Sichuan province which was jointly established by the Company was opened.


Charitable Donations
Charitable Donations:  Department staff of the Guyuan project took the initiative to donate funds to primary schools where the Guyuan Wuhuaping Wind Farm was located and received accolades from the local government and the community.  At 4:28 a.m. on May 12, 2008, the 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Wenchuan County, Abazhou of Sichuan Province caused great loss to Dongfang Turbine Company Limited and its staff. In active response to the call of the parent company Jiantou, the Company sent a letter of consolation and a fund of RMB300,000 to Dongfang Turbine Company Limited in the aftermath while response from all staff of New-energy company (新能源公司) was encouraging. Voluntary contributions to special party fees, delegation fees, membership fees and donations from staff of the headquarters alone already aggregated to RMB52,800.


Heart-warming Projects
Heart-warming Projects: Heart-warming projects were initiated by Mr. Lee Shau Kee, the Chairman of The Hong Kong China and Gas Company Limited as part of the projects of care aiming at supporting the poor in joint collaboration with the party and the government. These projects were mainly financed by Mr. Lee Shau Kee’s donations to the ‘‘Warmth Project’’. As the joint venture of companies in Hong Kong and China (港华系统), the Natural Gas Company (天然气公司) also participated in the charity activity. As a volunteer, it also fled to Cangzhou City, Chengde City, Zhangjiakou City and other places in Hebei for various community activities.  


Donate Books to Help Villages
In June 2013, responding to an appeal of the group company, Suntien Green Energy Corporation Limited donated books to Wangying village and Liujiawopu village in Fengning county which are supported by the group. Company staff responded positively, and participated actively, and donated their carefully selected books. The donated books involve political and economic life, science and technology, health, children's books, comprehensive aspects and so on, a total of more than 200 copies. This batch of donated books has relatively new content, is easy to understand, is fit for farmers to read, and will be used to construct the Farm House . The activity formed a good atmosphere of love in the company from top to bottom, which is beneficial to rich the rural cultural life, and at the same time, avoids the waste of resources.