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Human Resources Development

The Group focused on the mode of human resources development and training with the characteristics of various levels, s, types and courses. For long-term development, employees were encouraged to carry out on-the-job training and self learning to improve their professional knowledge. For short-term development, the Group organized or encouraged employees to participate in various types of training courses for skills and quality enhancement.

During the reporting period, the Group organized EMBA training classes for senior management in order to provide a platform to cultivate managers with excellent leadership skills. The Group arranged the mid-level management to take part in the MBA and MTP training courses on a rotational basis, so as to enhance the management skills of the mid- level management. For basic-level employees, the Group organized them to participate in selective training courses and network colleges, such as file management, official document writing, accounting policies, legal practice, risk management, project quality review and safety management, with a view to providing a platform to employees for updating their knowledge and concepts, satisfying their needs of career development, and facilitating the sustainable development of the Company.