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Natural Gas Company Successfully Hosted the 2013 Annual Second Period Operation Workshop

 Recently, the natural gas company organized the 2013 second run workshop. Each branch, subsidiary operation manager and line related personnel participated in, the company's human resources department sent participants and explained the workload estimates. Mainly combining natural gas company "11.24" long pipeline third party damage accident and the inspected situation of Weifang, Weihai and Tieling three Hong Kong China companies, the workshop analyzed line management problems, in order to improve line management level and strengthen technological exchanges in all branches and subsidiaries.

The theme of this workshop is to improve the line management. Firstly,the meeting made a summary of the "11. 24 third party damage accident" , emphatically explained rescue process of the accident, analyzed and summarized all kinds of problems in line management exposed in this accident, and emphasized the important role of line management on safe operation of pipeline. Secondly, the workshop shared line management methods of three Hong Kong China companies, Weifang, Weihai and Tieling, and compared these with natural gas company town line management item by item, by comparison to explore management mode suited to the current status of the company. The third issue is on implementation of line drilling and leak-testing technology. The fourth issue is to share and discuss the line management upgrade specially set by the workshop. The units introduced their line management methods, and analyzed the management mode suitable for their current situation and future development. At the end of the meeting, the human resources department introduced the method of calculating the workload, recommended all units to calculate workload scientifically and reasonably according to the method, and provided guidance on line personnel allocation.

The workshop was convened after the accident, intended to enhance the corporate line management work as soon as possible, make summary and analysis, put forward prevention measures, and avoid similar accidents. The branches and subsidiaries share experience through workshops, to enhance the quality of operation personnel, and to give full play to supervision, guidance and service function of the department.

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