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"Hebei Daily" published on the first page company new energy sector development instance of "emancipating the mind"

On September 4th, "Hebei daily" published the article  "Suntien company: Borrowing east wind for electric expansion" to show the company’s new energy sector development instance of "emancipating the mind".

The article is as follows:



Hebei Construction and Investment Corporation Suntien CompanyBorrowing East Wind for Electric Expansion

Borrow the east wind by coincident.During only several years, Suntien green energy co.,LTD (hereinafter referred to as Suntien company), belonging to Hebei construction and investment group co.,LTD (hereinafter referred to as HBCIG), achieved expansive development of developing from nothing, expanding from small to big, and became a large comprehensive new energy listed company with billons of asset size, over ten million kilowatts of agreed wind resource, a million kilowatts of joint and holding installations, and profit of more than eight hundred million yuan per year.

In fierce competition with large energy group heading with Guo, Suntien company firmly holds the of Hebei wind power leader, and becomes the only provincial company among top ten domestic large-scale wind power enterprises (the others central enterprises).

Follow the fashion -- be the first eat-crabs of the province

On June 23, on Suntien company Dongxinying wind power farm located in Guyuan County, Zhangjiakou, reporters saw a modern intelligent command and control system: on a large electronic-display screen was labeled densely the location and real-time operating parameters of more than one hundred wind turbine generator systems on the plant. Sha Jitong, who was in charge of wind power production, clicked the mouse, and the screen would cut in any unit in no time to monitor and control the operating condition of the fans.

In such a modern large wind power enterprise, no one can realize that more than a decade ago, wind power industry was a new realm to be explored in our province even in China. In an era mainly relying on traditional energy, the new industry wind power was always in borderline state: no imported high technology, no policies support. People hadnt enough knowledge about the necessity of wind power development, and the few domestic wind power farms were donated by Denmark government..

However, after 1998 numbers of thermal power projects being launched, China electricity market appeared oversupply situation that had never presented. Whats more, coal price continuously rising, investment income of thermal power was not as high as before.

At that time, as the largest electric power investment group, HBCIG realized that whether viewing from enterprise development or from improving ecological environment, traditional operation and development mode mainly by thermal power was difficult to continue, and it was necessary to develop clean energy.

In fact, via several decades development, wind power generation has been one of the internationally recognized renewable energy sources with maturest technology, lowest development cost and best development prospect. Many countries take wind power as an important choice to improve energy structure and tackle climate change.

On the other hand, Bashang region has extremely abundant wind energy resources of more than forty million kilowatts total reserves in our province, and is richly endowed by nature to develop wind power. And by years of thermal power development, HBCIG has reserved plenties of electric power construction talents and technologies.

Captured the pulse of industry beginning, with these resource reserves, HBCIG selected to do the first enterprise in Hebei province to begin her journey of chasing the wind and sun.

In the winter of 2003, facing freezing wind several technicians of Suntien company carried anemometer meast to prospect wind resource of Bashang region in Zhangjiakou and Chengde. After that, the company obtained a large number of first-hand precious data.

The newly formed team also experienced a difficult process. At that time, our team only had several anemometer measts and a hundred thousand yuan capital. Even the engineering vehicle was an old Cherokee given by superior company by using hard and soft tactics. We were really enduring great hardships in pioneer work. Talking about that time, director of Suntien company Cao Xin couldnt control his excitement and pride.

In November 2011, HBCIG founded Zhangjiakou wind power co.,LTD, built Kouhou Wolong mountain 30MW wind power project and Guyuan Wuhuaping 30.6MW wind power project, and stepped out substantive step in wind power industry. In July 2006, predecessor of Suntien company--Hebei construction and investment new energy co., LTD was officially incorporated.

In October 2006, the companys first wind power project--Kouhou Wolong mountain wind power farm was completed smoothly and began commercial operation. In the situation of very short construction period of Bashang region, it initiated Hebei Bashang wind power construction of starting work the same year, generating electricity the same year, creating income the same year.

The same year, with the applying of Renewable Energy Law and the coming out of 12 supporting policies and regulations, China wind power ushered in a blow-out outbreak. In a moment, wind power base construction all over China was like a rising wind and scudding clouds.

But at that time, Suntien with one step ahead had won early advantages in competition relying on the talents and technology. From 2007 Suntien company wind power installation began to grow rapidly with a speed of nearly 100% per year. Zhangjiakou and Chengde region as the center, the development range expands year by year, and at the most occupies Hebei power grids present and planning access capacity. Suntien firmly occupies the leading of Hebei new energy industry.

Arrangement -- up the mountain, down in the sea, unit KW installation profit leaping to national first place


There was a time when Three North area had Chinas best wind resources and was a treasure land with high wind power development value. But with the expansion of wind power scale, Three North area severely abandons the wind, so growing difficulty in project approval and project income shrinking seriously have become indisputable reality.

Facing the reality that Zhangjiakou and Chengde area becomes one of the severest power-limited regions, Suntien company puts development quality on the first place, decisively adjusts thinking, optimizes wind power structure, and turns her eye to low wind speed areas and coastal areas that have good power grid access condition and great wind power absorptive capacity while ensuring the leading superiority of Three North area. The development strategy begins to change from taking root in Bashang to based on North China and scanning over the sea, radiating the whole country.

In 2011, the first project of Suntien company outside Hebei province -- Shanxi Lingqiu ten thousand KW wind power project successfully completed. The company gained the first ripened fruit of green seed sowed outside the province.

In fact, the earliest attempt of unlimited power strategy transformation should be offshore wind power. Our country has abundant offshore wind resources, and the exploitation amount of offshore shallow water resources is about two hundred million KW. Offshore wind power undoubtedly is an important orientation of our future wind power development. President of Suntien company Gao Qingyu said.

In 2008, commissioned by provincial government, Suntien company took over the compiling work of Hebei offshore wind power programme, and set up the first offshore anemometer tower of Bohai Gulf in Tangshan Caofeidian. While offering decision basis for provincial government, HBCIG also accumulated experience on offshore wind power construction. Suntien company vice-president Mei Chunxiao said.

On June 24, journalists saw that at seaside of Cangzhou Haixing tens of white wind generating sets were standing in the wind -- where is Suntien companys Haixing wind farm, and also first domestic beach wind farm. During construction, we broke through many technical problems. Seaside mudflat is similar to offshore environment, and stores strength for us to go further offshore.Head of Haixing wind farm Suntien company Zhang Kai introduced.

In September 2010, Jiangsu offshore wind farm franchise bid conference was held. Suntien company presented on the conference like a dark horse, became the first provincial company in offshore wind power realm to compete with Longyuan, Datang group and so on, and attracted high attention of the industry and outside.

In the next year October, beyond all expectations once more, Hebei enterprise Suntien company appeared in Honghe Jianshui county in southwest border area. Through two years hard exploitation, Jianshui seven trees 200MW wind power project which was built by Suntien in Yunnan has been a project with the largest proposed investment volume in cooperation and joint of Hebei and Yunnan.

When talking about the reason of developing into Yunnan, Suntien company southwest preparation and construction office manager Tian Xiaodong told the journalist that at the beginning, when they came to Yunnan they found the climate here spans from subtropics to frigid zone, local microclimate is distinctive, and wind resource transforms clearly from bad to good. Additionally, it has unique advantages such as unlimited electricity and high electricity price, so Yunnan will become one of the important places in Suntien company wind power nationalization arrangement.

At present, exploitation of Suntien company has been into Shanxi, Xinjiang, Gansu, Guangxi etc., together 19 districts. In 2012, in annual wind power industry technical and economic index benchmarking organized by CEC, the two industrial key indicators of Suntien company -- wind power utilization time and unit kw generating profits leaped to national first place.

Expansion -- multi-wings expanding green energy industry, forming diversified pattern

It is not enough to merely develop wind power to achieve the goal large comprehensive new energy company.

While actively arranging wind power enterprise, Suntien company actively explores in full swing in photovoltaic, water power, and distribution, and forms a full-flowering development pattern of clean green energy industry. Especially photovoltaic power generation has become another highlight in Suntien company new energy industry distribution.

At the beginning of 2006, new energy company that Suntien company belonging to began to carry on preparatory work of photovoltaic power generation. On September 22, 2007, beside Guyuan lightning lake, our provinces first commercialized operating solar photovoltaic grid connected generating project -- Guyuan 10KW solar photovoltaic grid connected generation demonstrative project successfully connected. The whole solar power system installed capacity is 10KW. The scale is not large, and the project is experimental, but it provides useful exploration for this big production province of photovoltaic products. So to say that it is of great significance for companys photovoltaic business to develop from nothing. Vice president of Suntien company Sun Xintian said so when looking back the development history of photovoltaic business.

In March 2010, Suntien company earned the approval of first megawatt solar energy project in Hebei province -- 1MW solar energy project in Zhoucun, Baoding Laiyuan. After only nine months, the company finished construction and generated electricity successfully, and photovoltaic generation business also transformed from tracking test to substantial involvement. The new energy sector begins to gradually form a diversified energy business framework which focuses on overland wind power, allows multiple energy structures to coexist, extends up and down the industrial chain.

Meanwhile, Suntien company is trying hard to change the crisis of current low international economic situation into opportunity, and actively planning to march into overseas market. Now Sweden project cooperated by Suntien company and perspective energy has entered into substantial operation phase, and will sow the first green seed from Hebei in faraway Sweden.

Quantitative changehastens qualitative change. In February 2010, Suntien company began to prepare to list in Hong Kong. Shortly in several months, Suntien company completed a series work of reconstruction, establishment and listing preparation. On October 13, it was successfully listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange, raising fund of 3.294 billion HKD. It became the first Hong Kong listed state-owned enterprise in Hebei and the first Hong Kong listed noncentral enterprise in domestic wind power realm.

                     (From: New Energy Company)